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Factory Direct
Swim Spa
Sales Event!

Save up to $6,000 on Swim Spas

Additional Savings…

Solar Swim

275 Alder Street, Orangeville, Ontario

(519) 941-6049

Thurs. May 2 12-7
Fri. May 3 10-7
Sat. May 4 9-4
Sun. May 10-3

Save Up To


On Swim Spas

Download an Additional $1,000

Swim Spa Savings Coupon

Save up to


on Swim Spas

Don’t Miss Your Chance To SAVE UP TO $6,000 On Swim Spas!

At the Hydropool Factory Direct Swim Spa Sale this weekend ONLY!  Browse the largest display of swim spas in the region. A huge selection of swim spas will be available from Hydropool at huge discounts! Admission and Parking are FREE!


4 Days Only!

Feature Packaged…

Swim Spa Cross Training Program

Self-Cleaning Feature

Aquatrainer Swim System

Creating Time For What Matters

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